Whiteboard Wall Paint vs Dry Erase Wallpaper


In order to achieve a beautiful dry erase surface on your wall, there are a couple of options for you.

Option #1: Whiteboard Wall Paint

There are a few products on the market today from companies like ReMARKable, IdeaPaint, Rustoleum and others. They make whiteboard paint that usually comes in a traditional white option or in a clear coat that can be applied over any color surface you want for a custom look.  For example, if you’d like a black dry erase board, you can paint your wall black first, and then apply a clear coat dry erase paint over top.

Whiteboard wall paint in our opinion based on our testing is a far superior option over option #2, whiteboard wallpaper or dry erase sticky paper. Whiteboard paint will provide a more permanent solution that does not wear quickly and is also much more erasable if you choose the right whiteboard paint product. It is usually very easy to apply, and dries within a couple days, and ends up being a low hassle solution for a dry erase surface on your wall.

Option #2: Whiteboard Wallpaper or Dry Erase Sticky Paper

Another way to create a dry erase surface on your wall is to buy a wallpaper or sticky page type product that already has the whiteboard coating on one side and is sticky on the other. This can be a challenging solution, especially for larger areas that you want to cover, as it is very difficult to get it smooth without wrinkles. It also has a tendency to wear and tear over time very quickly, and from what we’ve tested, is not very erasable. There is residue that is left and the surface becomes very discolored quickly over time. We recommend not wasting your money on whiteboard wallpaper products, and instead invest your time and money into a quality whiteboard paint product.